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Your involvement really does make a difference. Whether it's writing a personal letter to your member of Congress or learning about the issues that shape each election, if you're not making your voice heard, someone else is. Don't let others decide who will represent you or which way they'll vote--get involved today.

Everyone is now aware of how close elections can be at any level, making it all the more important to learn about the candidates and get out and vote. In election years, find out about voter registration, the candidates running, and the issues by clicking "Learn More" at left.

Similarly, elected representatives can be undecided or unfamiliar with the details of an issue, which gives much more weight to each informed letter or phone call they receive. Let your members of Congress know what you think about the issues by clicking "Take Action" in the Grassroots box at left.

Don't forget; it's your business!

Pat Stephens
Executive Director